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Mocha Recipes-Hot, Iced, Blended, any way you want!

Delicious Mocha recipes for you to enjoy! Chocolate, coffee/espresso, and milk.... Add some flavored syrup for a variety of different mocha drinks and have your own personal coffee shop at home! Below are listed a some Hot, Iced and Blended mocha recipes for your taste buds to enjoy.

Super Easy Hazelnut Mocha Recipe!

Okay, so I was doing some experimenting. I happened to have some chocolate milk I had bought from the store. I also had some International Delights Hazelnut Creamer that my mom sent home with me at Christmas. I never used to use my little 4 cup coffee maker unless my parents came over or other […]

Iced Mocha Recipe-How to Make an Iced Mocha

 A delicious iced mocha recipe for you! Try it, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it! You can also try this mocha frappuccino if you’d like a blended version. This iced mocha recipe is not “blended”, but iced. So you do not need a blender, just whole or crushed ice! It is very quick and easy. […]

Amazing Greens Iced Mocha

I’ve been buying Amazing Grass Green Superfood off Amazon for a couple years now. I’ll be honest, I’m not going to say that I can necessarily feel a difference when I’m using it, BUT I feel a little better knowing I’m getting a little extra healthy greens in my diet on a regular basis that […]

White Chocolate Mocha Recipe-Heavenly Hot Drink!

It’s officially fall and the days and nights are getting cooler. This is probably the time, if you’re an iced mocha drinker, that you might switch to hot mochas. There are so many flavors of mocha recipes, but one of my favorites and a popular one among espresso stand frequenters, is a White chocolate mocha. […]

Almond Milk Irish Cream Hazelnut Mocha-Hmmm?

So here’s one I just tried and it tastes really good! I’ve been using Almond Milk a lot lately because it is less fat and has lots of vitamins in it, plus it seems to be gentler on my stomach. With coffee, the Almond Milk gives a nice bit of extra flavor too. This recipe […]

Delicious Slim Fast Mocha Recipe

So I’ve been on a self inflicted diet the past couple weeks, and I’ve been using Slim Fast in the mornings or the Fred Meyer brand of it since it’s cheaper. But I’ve been into this coffee drinking phase lately. I rarely used to use my little 4 cup coffee pot, but I bought a […]