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How to Make an Iced Coffee at Home-Easy Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced Coffee with Cream

Iced coffee is an excellent drink for hot summer days. I never did understand how people could drink hot coffee on a hot day. Both my parents do it, and I know many other people do too. Strange, people, very strange!

So anyway, you want to know how to make an iced coffee at home? You say you want to save some money and not have to stop by that coffee shop all the time to get a simple iced coffee drink?

Well, here you go. Very simple, no flavors, just add some cream and sugar if you don’t like it black!

Iced Coffee Drink Recipe

First off, I am using a nifty mason jar for this. Gives it kind of a rustic/redneck feel 😉  If you want sugar in your iced coffee, add a tablespoon or however much sugar you want first.


Next, pour some fresh brewed coffee in, just enough to mix with the sugar and dissolve it.


Now, fill the glass full with ice and pour the fresh brewed coffee over the top. If you want to add cream, just remember to leave some room for it of course!


Now you can stir and drink it black, or……..


You can pour in the delicious half and half! This is what I would do,although I don’t like much coffee in my drinks, so normally I wouldn’t make a plain iced coffee! I love my flavored mochas!


Stir your iced coffee, drink and enjoy!


How To Make an Iced Coffee at Home
Recipe Type: Drinks
Author: Melissa Hall
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Serves: 1
Learn how to make this delicious iced coffee drink at home. Save money and time from stopping at the coffee shop!
  • Fresh brewed coffee
  • 1tbls or more of sugar
  • Ice
  • Half and Half or creamer (optional)
  1. If using sugar, put the sugar in the cup first.
  2. Then pour enough hot coffee into the cup to dissolve the sugar.
  3. Fill the cup with ice to the top.
  4. Pour hot coffee over the ice until the full. If using creamer, make sure to leave some room.
  5. Optional: Pour creamer to top it off.
  6. Stir, drink, and enjoy your iced coffee!


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  1. nice recipe…..where does the flavor come in ……….?

    • Best to add the flavor when you would add the sugar, at the very beginning so you can mix it up a bit with the hot coffee before adding the ice. It’s not so important if you’re using flavored syrup, but if you are using powdered chocolate or real caramel sauce, etc., then definitely add it at the beginning to mix it well with the hot coffee.

  2. You need to cold brew your coffee if you want decent iced coffee.