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Raspberry Malt Iced Coffee Recipe-Summertime Pick me Up!

Raspberry Malt Iced Coffee

Well, I went to the store tonight to pick up some diapers and milk and I ended up buying some ingredients to experiment with for coffee drinks. One of those ingredients is Ovaltine Classic Malt.  Now, I always thought that malt was a form of chocolate until I got home and opened it up, and although it looks like a light colored chocolate, it didn’t really smell like chocolate (I’ve never drank Ovaltine before!). So I looked on the back, and sure enough, no cocoa to be found in the ingredients list.

So, I was planning on making a Raspberry iced mocha tonight so I could post the recipe on here, and then I decided to go ahead and use the Ovaltine and just see how it turned out.

I am very happy with how it turned out! It tastes wonderful! I even got some fresh raspberries from my plants out back and sprinkled some on top of the whipped cream. This is the earliest I’ve ever gotten ripe raspberries since it’s been so warm this spring. I think tomorrow I will make a fresh raspberry mocha frappuccino!

So then as I am sitting here typing this out, I’m thinking, What do I call it? It’s not a mocha….. Well, we’ll just call it a raspberry malt iced coffee 😉

Anyway, so here’s the recipe for you. You could easily substitute the Malt with chocolate, or chocolate malt to make an iced raspberry Mocha.

  1. Pour the Raspberry syrup and Ovaltine into your cup.
  2. Pour hot coffee/espresso into your cup and stir until everything is desolved.
  3. Add 6 cubes of ice
  4. Fill the rest of the way with milk (quickly so the ice doesn’t melt too much first). I even topped mine off with a little bit of Half and half tonight 🙂
  5. Top with whipped cream and fresh raspberries!

As always, let me know what you think!

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  1. This is a great recipe, thanks for sharing. The weather’s really hot in the UK at the moment, so I think a glass or two of this tomorrow may well be the order of the day!